Favorite Queer Art Images from Previous Years

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Yes, as an artist I do have favorite images that I created myself. Here is a collection of some personal favorites of mine from previous years that I find more individual satisfying and enjoyable than others:

Cowboys shoot together — Why I consider this one of my favorites is that it depicts the power and innocence of cowboys shooting simultaneously. This comes from my earliest years producing 3D digital illustrations.

Hard cowboy — This cowboy’s classic and captivating hard-on is something I could stare at all day long.

Abstract reclining device — The idea captivates my imagination that there could be a restraining device used to force men to ejaculate against their will under the control of other men.

Date night at the Nevada Test Site — Not sure if this qualifies within the category of men’s death images fetish, but I like the wry humor that I captured in this illustration.

Ready to ride all night long — I ended up being especially pleased with how I captured this cowboy’s vulnerability so vividly.

Prone cowboy — The position this cowboy is in makes this one of my very favorite images.

Gallows device ends this cowboy's life — I stopped using this gallows device years ago, but when I look back at this early illustration of a doomed cowboy, this one remains a big favorite of mine.

Vincent Wauneka, sex worker, from Baja Clavius — He is one of the earliest characters I created for my science fiction novel “Baja Clavius.” Vincent Wauneka’s aggressively revealing pose in this image remains one of my all-time favorites to this day.

Suck an angel — Having been raised within the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, I naturally grew to think often about angels. I finally created what it looks like when an angel visits Earth to get sucked.

Caught together in the steam room — I especially favor this image because it shows the vulnerability of the two men at the moment someone sees them together in the steam room.

The big guy — Here is one of my earliest attempts to depict “the big guy” that I find so sexually attractive in the real world.

Restraining rack — I am especially fond of this illustration showing a restraining rack designed to make a doomed man’s final time alive as miserable as possible.

Basement device — While I am on the subject of devices for restraining men, I will cite this one as a personal favorite, too.

Rape device — And, here is one final device illustration that I claim as another personal favorite.

Author: Madeira Desouza

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