In Las Vegas You Can Kick a Man in His Balls if You Pay Him $20

The opportunity to pay some anonymous guy just so you can kick him in the balls for $20 exists in Las Vegas for real. This is not fake news. You can watch several YouTube videos in which you can see for yourself the real-world (unedited) goings on. These behaviors may seem odd, but are not odd by Las Vegas standards.

Recently. while I was on the Las Vegas Strip near Caesars Palace, I saw with my own eyes a guy in the real world extending such an offer to people passing by him on a pedestrian bridge. It is just “not my thing” to pay a guy to kick him in his balls out in public in front of tourists, but I was inspired to create the fictional illustrated story to attempt to preserve this one priceless example of Las Vegas culture in the 21st century.

And the Sign Said: “Kick My Balls $20”

He was someone who could repair just about anything anyone could imagine. Vincenzo was a standout as a shy, good-looking Italian American male from a small town in a midwestern state. He had little practical social experience in real life and not much imagination. While Vincenzo was not actually dumb, he never would be mistaken for a genius, either. In Las Vegas he became successful at in-home fix-it work that earned him a loyal customer base. Paul, a photographer, was shopping inside one of those sprawling Vegas home construction and supply department stores when he saw Vincenzo. Paul overheard Vincenzo telling a store clerk about doing fix-it work locally and saw the bright letters on his T-shirt. So, Paul approached Vincenzo about possibly hiring him for fix-it work. To be honest, what actually caught Paul’s attention, however, was the visual presentation Vincenzo had—a strong masculine and sexy look in tight blue jeans and tool belt.
Vincenzo effortlessly produced an irresistible bulge in his blue jeans which invited attention. Paul instantly imagined hiring Vincenzo for photo shoots of ballbusting themes for online distribution. He invited the fix-it guy over to meet his lover and housemate, Warren, who was a web content producer.
Once Vincenzo had successfully completed and been paid for a handful of fix-it jobs inside their home, Paul and Warren invited him to spend social time with them. “We’re sure your girlfriend will probably miss seeing you if you spend time here with us, right?” Warren asked with no attempt to conceal the reason behind what he had asked. “No girlfriend,” Vincenzo quickly answered as he clearly did not understand what Warren was driving at. “A boyfriend, then?” asked Paul. Vincenzo actually blushed in response and shook his head to indicate “no.” Warren quickly jumped in and said: “Vincenzo, Paul and I think if we were to pay you to appear in photographs and digital illustrations, you could make more money for that kind of work compared to doing fix-it work.” Vincenzo looked stunned. “If you’re not involved with anyone now, why not try what we’re suggesting? You have nothing to lose at all.” Paul added. Vincenzo was skeptical. Who wouldn’t be? To ease him into the process, the first venture into such a photo shoot featuring Vincenzo involved Paul and a ladder for some innocent erotica.
Paul and Warren soon afterwards felt Vincenzo’s resistance had been sufficiently broken down and that they could get him to do anything they wanted for the cameras. They made him lose the safety of his blue jeans and stand on the ladder as they instructed. After several takes, Paul was satisfied that he had kicked Vincenzo in his balls enough times in sequence to give himself a good choice of shots with the automated cameras he’d set up in the home studio.
As expected, Vincenzo was worn out from his first experience in ballbusting. Paul and Warren discovered how easy it was for them to milk him on that ladder.
Vincenzo decided against admitting to Paul and Warren that they were the first people who had ever brought him to orgasm. However, he came to realize he needed and wanted to be on the receiving end of men who provided rough physical contact with his nuts.
This motivated Vincenzo to try a new business strategy. He created a hand-carried sign and became a public “street performer” in Vegas. Vincenzo took his sign out into the world to show literally thousands of tourists who walked by on their way to casinos. He showed off his muscled arms, extra-tight blue jeans, and deliberately sported a facial expression to nonverbally challenge any guy. The biggest impact, however, was the utterly simple message prominently featured on Vincenzo’s sign, clearly visible to all: “Kick My Balls $20.”
Vincenzo became street-famous in Sin City for accepting compensation so willingly to invite testicular pain upon himself. His mystique grew after several YouTube videos posted by Vegas tourists revealed multiple sessions of Vincenzo’s balls being busted for cash. Apparently, the public could not get enough of watching Vincenzo experiencing groin pain.
[to be continued…]

Author: Desouza

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