Unlucky Cowboy Gets Fucked

The young cowboy rode from one town to the next, never knowing what to expect. The first person he encountered when he arrived in town for the first time after many weeks of riding alone was a saloon keeper. As he stood at the bar he accepted the proprietor’s kind offer of free whiskey.

This made the cowboy feel lucky. He was thirsty and had no money. All he owned was that horse he had tied outside the saloon. He told the men in the saloon that he was looking for work. One of them asked the cowboy what he was good at.

Before there was time for any answer, the saloon keeper pointed to a shot glass filled with whiskey. The cowboy became dizzy as he swallowed his third and fourth and fifth shots of whiskey.

unlucky cowboy

Maybe that’s how the cowboy ended up naked with his wrists bound behind his back. From somewhere in the shadows he heard the men from the saloon laughing at him and muttering that this was an unlucky day.

The biggest of the men from the saloon had very long hair tied behind his back under a bright white cowboy hat. He spoke with an odd accent and used strange words along with broken English as Native Americans sometimes will do. Yet, the defenseless and terrified cowboy clearly understood the threats he faced.

unlucky cowboy

The Indian’s intentions were even more apparent when he grabbed the cowboy’s cock and balls tightly and squeezed unmercifully.

unlucky cowboy

The indigenous native’s quest was from traditions of the past never known to the white man. The long-haired one was a warrior. Ancient traditions required him to suck and swallow the manly juices of a captured adversary. The reason? The native fulfilled the warrior traditions of sucking and swallowing so that he could rob the cowboy prisoner’s masculine power within the juices of ejaculations. The men in the saloon cheered each of the six times the cowboy shot his load unwillingly into the warrior’s mouth.

The ritual continued as the exhausted cowboy finished ejaculating as many times as the warrior imagined was possible.

unlucky cowboy
Then the warrior pinned the fully-drained cowboy against the wall and fucked him rough. The cowboy had no choice but to endure the relentless and unmerciful pounding of his ass by a very large cock. Each time in succession the cowboy took in the thick squirts of pure native protein.

unlucky cowboy

The end of this ritual was nothing less than spectacular. The warrior used his big knife to slice off the cowboy’s cock and balls, making him scream desperately in intense pain and humiliation.

All the men in the saloon shouted their approval as they gathered over him to watch the unlucky cowboy choke to death on what had been his manhood.

Author: Madeira Desouza

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