Hawaiian Guy Gets Back

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2023. Explore naked men pictures in this explicit, violent horror story from the “Taboo Truths and Tales” podcast series. Its an episode named “Hawaiian Guy Gets Back.” This revenge story shows muscular naked men pictures in a Honolulu story which follows the tragedy of a father whose young son is tortured and murdered at a five-star beachfront resort. Listen for free to the podcast episode and download original 3D digital images I created that go with this story: Hawaiian Guy Gets Back (episode)

The narrated story in the podcast episodes focuses upon young men in peril. How did they get themselves into the danger that they now must face? Are they to blame for what is going to happen? We know it’s so very easy to blame everyone else, but often the true and legitimate blame can only be placed on oneself.

By all accounts the man whose name was Makoa had been known as a friendly and peaceful guy. He was very muscular, powerfully built like many native men from the islands are. But he had no reputation whatsoever for hurting anybody, even all the way back to when he was a high school student. How things turned out for Makoa left an indelible mark upon all who knew him.

Young men under 30 years of age came to Hawaii seeking sexual pleasure. They each had arrived on separate dates in separate weeks at Honolulu International Airport. They were each American citizens from the mainland. They were told they would get to spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday night at a five-star resort with an unforgettable beach. Free food, free drinks, no charge at all. The only catch was they had to agree to a face-to-face interview with a local Hawaiian citizen who was to ask questions about their awareness of the history of Hawaii. The Hawaiian citizen was identified by his first name only—Makoa.

He had all the features one might expect of a native man from the state of Hawaii. He was muscular, as if he was either a bodybuilder or a guy who had a naturally muscular frame. Each of the guests from the mainland was told about Makoa so they would accept him as a credible local Hawaiian male. They believed what they had been told. They thought Makoa was going to interview them at the five-star resort with the unforgettable beach.

Instead, these young men from the mainland learned that they had been deceived and were now victims of Makoa. He was very cruel and brutal to them. He hurt these handsome young men in ways no man should ever hurt another man.

Author: Madeira Desouza

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