Pleasure in Watching Men Kicked in the Balls by a Man

kicked in the balls

Watching images of men getting kicked in their balls by another man can be appealing to some people. There are cultural implications of the appeal of these images of guys being kicked in the nuts in the context of how masculinity gets defined and redefined over time.

Perhaps the most apparent reason for the appeal of images of guys getting kicked in their testicles is the value in the humor that is clearly present. You laugh because you find it funny when you watch a man getting kicked in the nuts because of how the man unwillingly responds by responding as having been conquered by another man. The kicked man falls to the floor. Or he doubles over in sudden, unexpected agony. When such reactions happen, the kicked man is plunged out of his comfort zone and he cannot take any actions for a certain amount of time to protect his own manhood. Another clear reason for the appeal of watching men’s balls getting kicked in how man tend to find pleasure in other men’s pain. Also, seeing another man in pain can be appealing, particularly if the man getting kicked is someone that the viewer perceives to be deserving of the groin pain.

kicking him in the nuts

Men especially can find watching another man kicked in the balls by a man is appealing because of the culture of masculinity in society. Masculinity, by definition, is the traits, behavior, or roles typically associated with men. Societal norms dictate behaviors that men are supposed to exhibit, including dominance, strength, and control. This can also involve competition, which can manifest in many different ways. Kicking another man in the balls deliberately is a sign of dominance and power of one man over another. This explains why ball busting is a concept recognized worldwide today. Young males learn these things early in their lives from interactions with other young males of the same or similar age particular in elementary school settings.

In today’s American culture, men feel pressure to perform and embody these traits of dominance, strength, and control to be considered masculine or “a real man.” Society often celebrates men who are dominant, in control, and who do not show any vulnerability or emotions as the ideal man. This certain type of masculinity can lead to depictions in stories that objectify or fetishize men harassing and hurting other men.

The appeal of images of men getting kicked in their testicles by another man reinforces certain harmful behaviors associated with masculinity. The appeal of men watching other men in testicular pain symbolizes some men’s success in their dominance or power over another man. This points to a hierarchical structure where one male emerges as superior to another or victorious over another. Behaviors that uphold dominance, violence, and aggression further perpetuate stereotypes of what makes for “a genuine man” of today.

dominating him by making deliberate contact with his balls

Dominance will be proven clearly, effectively, and without any mistaken impressions when one man makes the choice to have deliberate contact with the balls of another man. There will be no doubting what this particularly invasive and aggressive action means to the man whose balls are placed in jeopardy deliberately by another man. Pain in his balls gives him great clarity.

Author: Madeira Desouza

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