Balls Cut / Castration / Removed Masculinity

grabbing a man's balls

Decades ago a well-known Tom of Finland drawing caught my attention because of how brutal the artist chose to depict the moment just before a man is forced to the punishment of removed masculinity.
original Tom of Finland drawing all right reserved
I am certain I’m not the only curious fellow who has spent many hours examining that classic Tom of Finland work of art while thinking about many questions it poses:

    • What did the man do that brought on having his balls cut off?
    • What exact thoughts were going through his mind as he watched the sharp knife moving closer to his defenseless scrotum?
    • What specific sounds did he make when the intense pain of having his balls cut registered in his mind and body?
    • Was he forced to swallow his own testicles afterwards?

    Since I first started writing explicit stories for men I have released numerous stories and created several images showing graphic and uncensored depictions of cutting a man’s balls off. Here you can explore a new, original work of mine—a tribute to Tom of Finland—from December 2023 on this same topic:

    tribute to Tom of Finland

    Sexually Explicit Illustrated Storybook and Podcast

    grab his balls   A taboo tale of fiction, “Thief of Eggs” follows the misadventures of a young man in Berlin who discovers a forbidden method for increasing his masculinity and muscles (cutting off and then eating men’s balls.) From a story idea created by Sebastian of Germany which also was developed and produced as an illustrated storybook by Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas. Download the illustrated storybook for free:[wpdm_package id=’11300′]

    Listen right now for free to the sexually explicit podcast episode which is the narrated story version of “Thief of Eggs.” This incredible 15-minute fantasy fiction emerged as the most popular podcast episode of all time in the Madeira Desouza series “Taboo Truths and Tales” with over 6,000 listener downloads:

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