The Madeira Desouza Collection of Taboo Holiday Cards

gang rape santa

Gang Rape Santa

— This retail volunteer Santa (who is actually a local firefighter) frequently enjoys a spirited gang rape as staged by his firehouse pals. He says it’s better to receive than to give. An original work from the Madeira Desouza collection of taboo holidays cards.

oh tidings of comfort and joy

Oh Tidings of Confort and Joy

— What the world needs now at this holidays season is fewer weapons and more erections.

up his chimney

Up His Chimney

— Taking an engorged thick one solidly up the shute willingly or otherwise is always an especially hot holiday memory.

you better watch out

You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry

— You’re getting rough-fucked for the holidays once or twice no matter the weather, so just go with it and stop worrying.

You’re All I want

— A truthful holiday sentiment even if you can expect to get your unwillingly ass fucked in the cell block by the general population this holiday season.

santa slave

Santa Slave

— His masters always work hard to make sure this Santa slave is given a public display of affection or at least a good beating.

don't worry santa
And as we close out this year’s holiday collection, don’t you worry, Santa. Don’t feel sad or threatened. You’re the object of many a man’s fantasy. They all want you for one thing or another whether being topped or tormented.

santa here for you

So it’s best that you keep a stiff one as you work hard enjoying the attention Santa brings for you this holiday season!

Author: Madeira Desouza

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