Rode Hard and Put Away Wet

forced to shoot his load

He thought he could defend himself but his thinking was completely faulty. Sure he came across as big and manly. That much was obvious to everyone.

big and manly

But without clothes as he stood in front of the entire gang who pointed several cameras at him as they taunted him, it was clear to him that his chances of escaping unharmed were limited.

it stars with a naked interrogation

The gang bound his wrists behind his back. Then he bravely endured a naked interrogation but ultimately revealed everything he was expected to give up.

on his knees

Seeing him on his knees and vulnerable gave the entire gang much to shout about. He began to worry about why there was a sofa nearby.

raped cowboy style

His interrogator demonstrated the reason for the sofa.

forced to shoot his load unwillingly

He was powerless to defend himself and his body responded as was expected with a major ejaculation.

raped by gane member

Gang members lined up to violate him on that sofa.

after being violated

After being repeated fucked he lost his masculine spark completely. He begged for death.

put out of his misery

The interrogator thought for a moment about his request and then obliged by smothering him with a soft, fluffy sofa pillow.

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