This German artist invited controversy because he chose the genre of 3D digital human male characters to depict rope bondage, hangings with rope, and, crucifixions.

The artist chose the name of Bondageskin. Hehe brought criticism upon himself from within his own country and without warning stopped releasing his works online.

Images created by Bondageskin are presented here considered to be fair use because they are used here solely for criticism, comment, teaching, scholarship, and research. All image copyrights are held by the originating artist.

My digital illustrations have been compared to those created by Bondageskin. Here is a collection of some of his most compelling digital illustrations which I have curated and for which I provide commentary to enhance your awareness and appreciation of his accomplishments: 

noose party
Featured Image: “Noose Party” shows a doomed young man whose cock and balls are tied using rope. That has aroused him for the pleasure of his captors. He also has another rope around his neck that is intended to end his life while his suffering is observed by the men around him. Somehow, his face shows a certain peaceful acceptance as though he knows there is nothing he can do to save himself from this painful fate.


If a man knows he is going to be executed by hanging, that knowledge adds to his torment.


mass gallows
The sequential execution of several naked man promotes arousal by those who are watching the outcome.
Tightly squeezing a hanged man’s testicles leads to the certainty of his arousal and also his unwilling ejaculation before he dies.


bondageskin-F bondageskin-H


executioners deserve release

bondageskin-C      bondageskin-I


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