Gay Men Deserve Life Coaching, Too

We all have seen news reports of guys who admit to having been bullied for being gay and who then take their own life. This is tragic, but is it surprising?

We live in a contemporary society in which technology bombards us all with mixed messages that all of us–straight and gay–cannot avoid even if we try:

  • You can pray away the gay
  • You can use your mind to change yourself from gay to straight
  • You can turn to medications to change from gay to straight
  • You can turn to a specialist to “convert” you from gay to straight
  • You can turn to an organized religion to “save” you from being gay
  • You are a sinner for being gay, but you certainly deserve forgiveness
  • You can just find the “right woman” who will turn you from gay to straight
  • You can “just say no” to being gay

One way to steer clear of the strong confusion of conflicting messages from a wide variety of authority figures is to get involved in life coaching for gay men.

This practical solution is an antidote to harmful prejudice and condemnation. Everyone deserves the opportunity to attain a solid emotional balance that is enabled through life coaching. Contact by email: for further details.

Author: Desouza

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