Magic, Meaning, or Messaging

I am often asked about why I do what I do. A fair question is: Why would anyone strive to become a prolific producer of 3D digital art that spans over a decade?

Scene from one of my illustrated stories — This 2017 image from my illustrated short short “Best of Beck” is emblematic of my creative works. There are highly masculine men depicted. There is a sense of peril that has endangered at least one of the men. If there is any “message” in works of mine such as this, here we go: Men can be violent and unpredictable, so keep your eyes open for opportunities for your survival. I follow in the footsteps of Tom of Finland, whose “message” rang through to me loud and clear a long time ago.

But, honestly, I am not a message-oriented artist. I suppose there always is some kind of messaging that I must be conveying through my creative works. And yet, I do not start out with a particular sense of message when I produce creative works. Messages just happen. Is that magic? Nor do I strive to be considered prolific. That just happens by itself.

Three horny guys on a sofa — This illustration is especially typical for me. I show highly masculine men caught in the act of being true to their inner nature and drives. I think it is entertaining to look at such men as they behave either badly or admirably. That motivates me to keep creating visual works like I do featuring the exploits of men.

The year 2018 represents the 12th consecutive year during which I have produced my creative visual works. I consistently keep repeating this same disclaimer: What I do is create concept pop art—visual pop culture artifacts that convey ideas. It is entirely make-believe. It is not real. I do not want anybody to mistake my photo-realistic works as representing real, living people. This is entirely made-up stuff. It is fiction. I am not advocating that anyone should view young men in our physical world merely as sex objects. I am not a proponent of powerful men in our physical world taking advantage of and hurting vulnerable young men. All that I create is pure storytelling for enjoyment within your mind.

Innocent life lost — This illustration depicts what I see as one wasteful loss of a young man’s life. That sense of loss of young men’s lives is a recurring storytelling theme I have used for over a decade of creating 3D digital art.

Effects of chained bondage — Here’s another example of loss. The chained captive is completely at the mercy of a man who likely is not his friend. What can one take from this? I leave that to you to figure out for yourself.

Which man is the submissive one? — I enjoy twisting my viewers’ expectations. In this illustration, does it really matter which of these men is the dominant one versus which is submissive? More: Unwilling Fucking.

Fire is final — The title (“Fire is Final”) of this particularly throubling image kind of expresses all that needs to be said, doesn’t it?

Do not point a loaded gun at your cock and balls — This illustration might be used in support of an urgent public safety message campaign for men: Do not point a loaded gun at your cock and balls. That is metaphorical. But, would anyone take it to heart?

Cowboys died in the barn — I am convinced that there is NOT always a particular message that I hope to convey in my creative visual works. For example, this message: Do not shove sharp objects through a man’s skull. Think about it.

Grab for what you want — During the 1960s and 1970s, the legendary Schlitz Brewing Company used a phrase in their beer advertising: Reach for the gusto. That archaic marketing phrase expressed the very worthwhile idea that you should seek delight, pleasure and enjoyment. My creative works embody much the same kind of philosophy. But, I just say it plainly: Grab for what you want.

Show respect for the big man, then spit-roast him while giving him a reach-around
— You just may find that one big man who deserves your show of respect for his masculinity. Don’t hold back! Push him far beyond his limits. Invite a buddy over for showing some two-on-one respect for his masculinity. Then, finish off the big man: Spit-roast him and give him a reach-around. He will never forget what you’ve done to him.

Author: Desouza

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